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Is your internet browser up to date?

On August 7, 2014, Microsoft announced that it would end support on all versions of Internet Explorer (IE) prior to version 11 effective January 12, 2016. Most customers are already using the latest version of Internet Explorer for their respective Windows operating system, however we have found there is still a percentage of customers with systems running older versions of IE. Microsoft recommends customers upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer available in order to experience increased performance, improved security, better backward compatibility, and support for the modern web technologies that power today’s websites and services.

Continuing to run an older version of IE, will eventually cause problems for LCBT Online Banking customers. As our website and online banking continue to update in order to improve security, those running old versions of IE will start to experience difficulties when using those sites. If it is not possible to upgrade to the newest version of IE, you can to switch to either Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Determine Your Internet Explorer® Version
  1. From within an open page in the browser, click the Help or Tools. Depending on the IE version you are using, you may need to click one of these icons to display the option you want.
  2. Select About Internet Explorer from the drop-down menu.
  3. The About Internet Explorer window appears, and the version of IE you are using appears on the screen
Danielle Chateauvert

Hi Jerriene,
If you never used Internet Explorer, there is a good chance you wont have to do any updating at all. Do you know what internet browser you use? Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.?

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