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Call Spoofing Scams

Recently, Call Spoofing has been a popular means for obtaining information amongst fraudsters. Call Spoofing is when an individual uses specialized software to make their calls appear as though they are coming from a business or government institution. The scammer will place a series of calls using threats to get personal information from their victims. They will commonly ask for you to provide your Social Security number, bank account information, Mother’s maiden name, and passwords.

There are ways to protect yourself from a spoofing attack and keep your personal information out of the wrong hands. If you receive a call that appears to be from a business or government agency asking for personal information, hang up immediately. The best route of action is to retrieve the business’ or agency’s phone number from their website or the phone book and contact them personally. If the spoofing call is a recording that asks you to press a button to stop receiving scam calls, do not do it. Often times, this is a method used by scammers to identify potential targets.

Lakestone Bank & Trust will not call you and ask for your personal information. To view more tips on how to stop unwanted spoof calls provided by the Federal Communications Commission, click here.